Life Membership

Life Membership is an honour awarded to people who have made a significant contribution to the sport as either a coach, official, administrator, or player.
The SRASA Board use the following criteria to assess if a person is eligible for Life Membership:
  • they have made a significant contribution to Squash SA over a period of not less than 10 years, or
  • they have made a significant contribution to the game of squash in South Australia over a period of not less than 10 years, and
  • they served Squash SA in a direct capacity (eg office bearer, delegate, employee, selector, coach, referee, manager) 
Life Membership will be presented periodically at the SRASA AGM.
Life members retain voting rights at the AGM and are kept abreast of major developments within the organisation to which they have the opportunity to provide opinions. 
Squash SA Life Members
Len Atkins (OAM) *
John Chapman*
Malcolm Kennewell*
Harry McMaster
Metze Bradey
William Spear (OAM)
Dr Bruce Walker
Judy Feltrin
Grant Donovan
Kaye Reeves
Wayne Aspinall

  * Deceased

Squash SA Hall of Fame

Membership to the Squash SA Hall of Fame is limited exclusively to the top echelon of athletes. To be elected the athlete must have achieved excellence at the highest level in squash and have achieved significant results that place the athlete in the highest standing among other South Australian Squash elite athletes.
Squash SA will present nominations to the SRASA Board for consideration.
Hall Of Fame
Inducted 2008    Vicki Cardwell - Legend
Inducted 2008    Chris Dittmar - Legend
Inducted 2008    Doug Stephenson - Athlete
Inducted 2013    Marlene Tierney - Athlete
Inducted 2013    Ron Thomas - Athlete

Squash and Racquetball Service Award

This Award recognises the long term commitment of players, coaches, officials, volunteers or administrators who have made significant contributions to their local squash and/or racquetball community at a grassroots level. 
Nominations accepted all year.
Nominations can be made by affiliated Clubs and must be submitted on the Nomination Form and endorsed By Club Committee.
Nominations will be assessed by SRASA Board based on the length of service to sport, the details of service and the impact of this on the Club concerned in terms of participation, member satisfaction and/or Club culture.
Awards will be presented periodically at the SRASA AGM.
Dave Attwood, Naracoorte Squash Club (2016)
Annie Boase, Karadinga Squash Club (2016)
Carol Cheetham, South Adelaide Squash Club (2017)
Roger Dickenson, Naracoorte Squash Club (2017)
Steve Emery, Loxton Squash Club (2018)
Steve Gray, Millicent Squash Club (2018)
Fred Howell (2016)
Katrina Jones, Clare Squash Club (2018)
Brian Kerr, Christies Beach Squash Club (2017)
Michael Nash, Norwood Squash Club (2016)
Peter Walters, Deaf Squash (2017)
Kerry Ward, Barossa Valley Squash Club (2017)
Dave Whan, Christies Beach Squash Club (2016)
Des Whelan, Daytime South Squash (2016)
Rex Wilson, PAOC Squash Club (2018)


Player Honour Roll

Introduced in 2015 this award recognises Squash and Racquetball Players who have achieved at the local, State and National level.
Affiliated Clubs are encouraged to nominate players and past players using the Nomination Form, Nominations must be endorsed by the Club Committee 
Nominations will be assessed by SRASA Board based on player highlights including:
  • consecutive playing years
  • player achievements
  • representative of Club or State
  • player sportsmanship
Awards will be presented periodically at the SRASA AGM.
Player Honour Roll
Len Atkins (OAM)
Bryce Allanson

Player of the Year Awards

Player of the Year awards are given each year to the best Male and Female player (for both squash and racquetball), best State Grade player, and best Divisional player.
Awards are determined by Squash SA using statistics from Autumn and Spring Pennant.
A Junior Player of the Year is awarded to a Development Squad Player who has demonstrated the most improvement and good sportsmanship.

Adrian Bainbridge Memorial Award

The Adrian Bainbridge Memorial Award is an annual award given to the Premier League team that finishes top of the ladder at the end of the Autumn season.

Adrian Bainbridge Memorial Award Winners