August 2020 - The Strategic Plan is currently under review. 

Our Vision

Squash and Racquetball are flourishing participant sports for people of all ages in South Australia

Our Values

  • Act with integrity and respect
  • Embrace quality and excellence
  • Act in the best interest of squash and racquetball
  • Be transparent and collaborative
  • Provide a safe and secure environment for all stakeholders
  • Uphold the highest professional standards and ethics

Our Purpose

To secure, grow, administer and showcase the sports of squash and racquetball.

Key objectives

  • Provide clear direction to affiliated clubs/venues
  • Provide assistance and support to clubs/venues that support our vision
  • Encourage clubs/venues to provide quality facilities to play squash and racquetball
  • Initiate opportunities for increased participation
  • Manage and grow assets to maximise the return for the benefit of squash and racquetball
  • Facilitate pathways for players, coaches and officials to reach their potential.