Emerson Ciccarello
Jay Molloy
Brian Richards
Terry Swanton
Tanya Virgens (Ex Officio)

Racquetball Pennant Committee

Sam Abishara (Chair/Board Rep)
Steve Broughton
Bevan Dearman
Jenny Jablonski
Dianne Mattsson
James Neisler
Michael Pierce (Pennant Registrar)
Terry Racz
Brian Richards

Terms of Reference: Squash SA Committees

Committee Name: Pennant Committee

Appointment:  Appointed by the SRASA Board annually.

Membership: Minimum of 4 members (including 1x Board Representative, and must include female, male and Court Owner representation) 

Desired Skills:
  Technical knowledge of the sport of squash
 Interpretation of policy, regulations and bylaws. Namely: 

  • SSA001 – Member Protection Policy
  • SSA005 - Player Code of Conduct 


Ex Officio: Competition Coordinator

Meeting Schedule:
Meet prior to the commencement of each pennant season for team gradings.

Relationship: The Squash SA Pennant Committee is responsible for managing the Squash SA Pennant bylaws for all Squash SA administered competition and events, and for providing advice and policy assistance to the Squash and Racquetball Committee on the development, implementation and monitoring of pennant matters 

The Pennant Committee will report to the Squash and Racquetball Committee at the conclusion of each Pennant competition to review the effectiveness of the competition structures to ensure their relevance to growth needs of the sport.  Additional reports as required.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Research and review the administration of pennant competitions interstate and overseas and make recommendations to the Squash and Racquetball Committee on alternative methods of conducting pennant competitions and meeting the Boards established Key Performance Indicators in relation to Pennants.
  2. Interpret and implement the Bylaws that govern all Squash SA administered programs
  3. Make recommendations to the Squash and Racquetball Committee regarding alteration/change to the Squash SA Pennant By Laws
  4. Administer Squash SA Pennant Competition including:

  • Application of Squash SA Pennant bylaws 
  • Management and overseeing of Player Rankings/Ratings
  • Grading of Pennant Competition Teams

  1. If required, attend in-house tribunal hearings, dispute resolution and disciplinary meetings
  2. Provide input to Squash SA planning workshops and Squash SA Strategic and Operational Plans 
  3. Provide support to the Board in the development and review of appropriate polices, including:
       • SSA001 – Member Protection Policy
       • SSA005 - Player Code of Conduct  
  4. Provide the Board with copies of the Pennant Committee Minutes
  5. Provide a report for the SRASA Annual Report