Mark Goldstone (Chair)
Sam Abishara (Board Rep)
Chris Dittmar

Terms of Reference: Squash SA Committees

Committee Name: Facility and Commercial Developments Advisory Committee

Appointment:  Appointed by the SRASA Board annually.

Membership: Minimum 5 members (including 1x Board Representative and at least one Court Owner)

Desired Skills:

  • Planning/Development
  • Squash Centre Operations
  • Financial Planning  
  • Networks – Court Owners, Business, Commercial & Government

Ex Officio:

  • President
  • General Manager

Meeting Schedule: Monthly

Relationship: The Squash Facilities Advisory Committee is responsible for providing advice and recommendations to the Board on the current state, future development and commercial exploitation of physical assets (squash facilities).

The Squash Facilities Advisory Committee will report quarterly to the Board on facilities, objectives and targets as detailed in the strategic plan unless there are matters that are for urgent attention of the Board.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Develop and maintain a Register of all squash facilities  (Members and Non Members) in South Australia 
  2. Develop and maintain a building maintenance program
  3. Monitor the Standards and development of local and regionally significant facilities. 
  4. Monitor and Review issues concerning squash facilities in South Australia, including issues relating to the potential loss of Squash Facilities in South Australia
  5. Research developments in relation to Squash Facilities inter state and Overseas.
  6. Develop strategies and provide advice to the Squash SA Board with the goal of producing and maintaining quality venues with a high standard
  7. Investigate and report on matters that may have impact on the retention of current squash facilities and the development of new facilities
  8. Investigate and report on state-wide facility strategies
  9. Review Feasibility Studies  
  10. Seek out Facility Funding/Partnership Opportunities, in collaboration with the Marketing Committee
  11. Make recommendation to the Board on administering Squash SA Facility Development Funding Program
  12. Provide the Board with strategies and material to assist in lobbying State and Federal
  13. Government, Local Government and other relevant sporting bodies or sponsors
  14. Provide input to Squash SA planning workshops and Squash SA Strategic and Operational Plans 
  15. Provide support to the Board in the development and review of appropriate polices
  16. Provide the Board with copies of the Squash Facilities Planning Committee Minutes
  17. Provide a Report for the Squash SA Annual Report.