The following is provided for coaches looking for professional development opportunities or other resources:

Please note, due to the multi-factorial nature of squash coaching rates can vary depending on:

  • Coaching accreditation level
  • Coaching experience
  • Employment status.
    • Employed by a centre (Full-time, part-time or casual)
    • Private Coaching as a business

Minimum recommended hourly rates for group and individual squash coaching in South Australia:

Foundation Coach: $25 per hour

Club Development Coach (formerly Level 1): $35 per hour

Talent Development Coach (formerly Level 2): $50 per hour

Performance Development Coach (formerly Level 3): $70 per hour

*Rates do not include court or equipment hire.

Elite Coaching

Members of the website “South Australia Squash Academy – Michael Nash” will gain access to over 160 videos and tutorials  (with more being added regularly) as part of a new specific technical and tactical program for elite players and coaches. The site has been granted a Licence Agreement to use PSA footage of elite world players.

Click here to find out more and to join (membership is free), or here to email an inquiry.



Become a member for access to video education covering a wide range of techniques to improve play and referee skills.

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The Australian Sports Commission provides a number of coaching tools and resources via the AIS website.

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