Training staff and volunteers is a vital part of their induction and ongoing employment. It is important that staff know how to effectively answer a patron's questions, and how presentation affects business.

It is equally important for Centre Operators to understand their business and the market it is in and how best to promote and present it to attract and retain patronage. 

This series has been developed to help staff, volunteers and operators with some of the fundamentals to provide a successful squash and racquetball facility. 

Choosing the Right Ball

Choosing the right type and quality ball can enhance the playing experience of your players.

Click here to learn the difference between each type of ball so you can feel more confident in offering advice to your patrons.

Basic Rules

If you work in a facility that has squash courts but you are unfamiliar with the game, then this short video will tell you what you need to know if a beginner or new player wants to hire a court, or if regular users have questions.

Click here to learn the basic rules.

Club Foyer and Noticeboards

First impressions make a lasting impact! An attractive, clean and modern looking foyer is important to make patrons feel welcome and inspired to play squash & racquetball - and keep coming back. 

Click here to see one of SA’s best examples of a reception area and pro shop and how it affects patronage.

It is important to remember to place relevant information physically in front of your players and other patrons at your facility, so the placement and use of your noticeboard can be critical. There is so much information available on the internet and through social media these days but direct promotion is still the most effective way to influence people.

Court Maintenance

It is important to provide a clean playing surface in sports like squash and racquetball for player safety, player enjoyment and ideal ball movement. 

Click here to watch this video and learn the recommended way to clean court floors.

For other maintenance needs, see our court maintenance page.


This video is a must if you run a pro shop or are considering selling squash equipment. To learn more about string tension and characteristics of different racquet types, click here.  


The recruitment and retention of juniors is arguably the most import and challenging task for a club.  Juniors need to be given the best possible start to their squash experience in an environment which will allow them to develop their skills and keep them having fun playing squash through to their later years. 

For resources on Junior Programs, please see the useful resources page.

Market Segmentation

It is important for all clubs and centre operators to know the market and what each section of the population are looking for in a sport or recreation activity to identify appropriate options or strategies that increase participation and business.

Click here to learn more about Market Segmentation


Whilst traditional squash players have either played regular pennant competitions or hired a weekly court with their mate, trends and lifestyles are changing and we need to meet the demand by offering up other services and products.

Click here for an example of a new club starting up and how they offer a number of different programs in an effort to grow participation and business at all levels.