24/7 Squash @ Tonsley Challenge Ladder

The Challenge Ladder at 24/7 Squash @ Tonsley is a great way to get involved without the need to join a team. Join the Challenge Ladder and compete with different people at a time that suits you.

Join the Challenge Ladder to challenge others or be challenged! Click here to check it out. 

For more information on how the Challenge Ladder works, or how to get involved, contact Squash SA at squash@squashsa.asn.au or phone 8276 4054.

Rules and Instructions

Players can join the Challenge Ladder at any time by contacting staff at 24/7 Squash @ Tonsley. Players do not need a ranking prior to joining. All players will be ranked with a position on the Challenge Ladder (number 1 being the highest ranking). New players will be given a random position outside of the top 5 and bottom 5 players.

Each match consists of 3 games.  Games are to be played first to 15, point per rally. If a match gets to 14 – 14 a player must then win by 2 points e.g. (15- 17)

To challenge a player, go to the Challenge Ladder, and click on a player to send an email, don't forget to list suitable times for the challenge.

If a player challenges someone ranked above them and wins, the winner will take the position of their opponent, with the opponent dropping down a position (leap frog system). For example Player A currently in 5th, challenges Player B in 2nd and wins - Player A moves into position 2 and Player B to position 3.

If a player challenges someone below them and does not win, there will be no change to positions.

Challengers are required to book and pay for the court prior to the match.  PLEASE NOTE: 'Challenge Ladder' must be chosen as the 'Reservation Type' when booking a match. 

Players are to notify 24/7 Squash @ Tonsley the match results for the rankings to be updated (can be sent via email to squash@squashsa.asn.au). Matches can also be updated on the Sport HQ Scoring App found in the App store or iTunes.

Players that do not challenge another player for more than a month will lose 3 position spots every month unless notification of special circumstances eg. injury/away has been given to squash@squashsa.asn.au  

If you do not want to stay on the Challenge Ladder, just let the staff at 24/7 Squash @ Tonsley know - a player can be removed from the list at any time.