The High School Competition is played on Friday afternoons during Terms 2 and 3 between High Schools from all over Adelaide.

We currently run 3 competitions (North East, Central and South), with the following Divisions: Div 1, Div 2, Div 3 and Years 8, 9 and 10.

All draws and team ladders are viewable on Sporty HQ (select leagues, SA and Adelaide High School Competition then select the division you are after.  You can then click on the school team and the student's name to see their match history).  

2020 High School Squash Competition Program

2020 High School Squash Competition - COVID Requirements

Contact Squash SA on 8276 4054 if your school would like more information, or email us at


Refereeing during COVID

Squash SA with Martin Pullan from the SA Referee's Association have created some Refereeing Videos to help remind players that squash is meant to be a non-contact support, which is increasingly important to remember as we re-open our sports after the COVID-19 shutdowns.

Video 1 - Clearing the Ball

Video 2 - Unnecessary Physical Contact

Video 3 - Crowding

Video 4 - Pushing Off


High School Championships

This is a tournament where players represent their school in an individual format for a chance to be the overall South
Australian Champion of their division.  The winning school will take home the High School Championship trophy.  

The tournament will have the following divisions; Open Boys, Open Girls, Under 15 Boys and Under 15 Girls.  There will be prizes for winners of each division, and a prize for the overall winning school.

Contact Squash SA on 8276 4054 for more information, or email us at